Common Myths about Dentures

by Gregory

Your dentist may have suggested dentures if you miss some or all of your teeth. Adult teeth should be replaced as soon as possible once they are lost. The loss of a tooth causes the jawbone to weaken since it no longer has a tooth to support it. An oral surgeon will advise you on the best kind of denture to prevent bone loss in light of these factors. Dentures have a bad reputation for being flimsy, unsightly, and needing no special maintenance, but this is all a myth. Read on to find out the realities behind common Laguna Beach dentures misconceptions.

They look fake

No one will be able to recognize that you are wearing dentures since they will appear so much like your own teeth. Your dentures’ fit may be evaluated by scheduling an appointment with your dentist if you have any issues: clicking, slippage, foul odors, or discoloration.

As opposed to natural teeth, dentures readily absorb stains

Dentures are less susceptible to discoloration than natural teeth. Denture teeth are often constructed of a composite or resin material that has been sealed to prevent staining. The best way to keep your dentures stain-free is to take good care of them by brushing them often and soaking them in a cleaning solution while not wearing them.

Dentures make eating a hassle

It is true that it might take a few weeks to get accustomed to your new dentures and that you might feel more comfortable eating soft or watery meals. Dentures should not make eating a challenge if they fit correctly.

Dentures are permanent

Unfortunately, dentures have a finite lifespan. The average lifespan of dentures is between five and seven years. Ten years of life expectancy or more is possible for certain patients. However, you should schedule an annual checkup with your dentist to have your dentures checked for fit and wear. They may break, rust, or become loose after some time has passed. Your dentist may assess the condition of your dentures and decide whether they need to be repaired or replaced during your consultation.

Dentures are continually moving around in your mouth

You won’t have trouble eating or talking if your dentures are well-fitted. Your dentures should be crafted to suction-cup perfectly to the roof of your mouth. Lower-arch dentures cause more problems than their upper-arch counterparts. Despite this, if a real specialist constructs them, most individuals may achieve success with a lower arch.

Dentures are just for the elderly

This is inaccurate, even if the average person who needs dentures is older. There is no age restriction on getting dentures if you miss one or more teeth.

Dentures might be the solution for you if you are one of the millions of individuals who have experienced tooth loss. Don’t waste another minute doubting your smile’s ability to help you become who you were always intended to be. You owe it to yourself to get dentures since they are an investment in your future happiness. If you consider getting dentures, whether full, partial, flexible, or removable, you should talk to your dentist first.

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