Fascinating Facts About Migraines You Must Know

by Gregory

A persistent headache will make your everyday life uncomfortable and not worth enjoying. Most people have complained of persistent headaches but never differentiate them from migraines. Migraine is one of the most misdiagnosed conditions by doctors. You will get treatment for a normal headache or eye problem when it is a migraine problem. This has forced people to live with the condition since no specific treatment is available. However, with the help of a board certified family nurse practitioner Falls Church, VA, you are guaranteed a good outcome. The specialist cares for all patients, including those with migraines ensuring you get back to normal. Learn more about migraines before booking your appointment.

Migraine Symptoms Can Last for Days

Migraine symptoms can last for a long as they start slowly and escalate with time to the extent of a patient being hospitalized to manage the condition. You will experience mild symptoms such as mood change, thirst, and stiff neck. You will then get an attack mixed with neurological symptoms, lasting for a few days. This takes medical intervention to help stabilize and restore your health to normal.

Migraines Can Ruin Your Work and Social Life

People with migraines have problems in their workplaces and social life since the symptoms may occur anytime, which may be unbearable. People live with the fear that they will have an attack at any time and cannot even enjoy it. You are forced to take sick leave every time an attack occurs at work which may cost you your job if you continue being absent for many days without being productive at work. You may also lose friends if they can not trust you to keep time due to your condition.

Some People Will Have Continuous Symptoms

Patients with migraines complain of continuous chronic symptoms that may occur for up to 15 days each month. They will start by experiencing periodic symptoms that come and go and eventually graduate to chronic and continuous symptoms. Preventive medicine will only lower the symptoms, and only through the intervention of a specialist will you get the right treatment.

Migraines Are Much More Than a Headache

Most people with migraines always complain of having a headache since it is a major symptom. However, there is more to it since it is a neurological condition that you cannot tell exactly what is happening. It comes with nausea and sensitivity to light and even smells. It is a major brain disorder that has affected many people worldwide.

Treatment For Migraines Are Not Perfect

Patients have constantly searched for long-lasting migraine treatment without success. The options are ineffective and work for short periods, and you start experiencing the symptoms again. Treatment, however, varies from person to person depending on the severity of their condition. The available treatment improves the patient’s condition and does not cure the disease entirely.

Migraines have affected many people to the extent that they got used to living with the symptoms. People even get tired of taking medications since they are never useful in controlling the condition. If you have persistent headaches that affect your daily life, you may be the best candidate for migraine treatment. At Integrated Neurology Services, the team diagnoses you and formulates a treatment schedule that suits your needs. You can start by scheduling an online appointment or calling their office today.

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