The Common Treatments for Varicose Veins

by Gregory

Every individual admires having outstanding skin. People carry out activities such as moisturizing to maintain their nature. However, in other instances, the body suffers from some skin conditions. For instance, there have been instances where people have suffered from varicose veins. Even though this condition can happen in any part of the body, they usually occur in the legs. Even though they are not a serious condition, an individual can feel pain and embarrassment since they are noticeable to others. Contact the Evergreen Park nurse practitioner if you are suffering from varicose veins. The following are the common treatments for varicose veins.


When the specialist finds that the varicose vein is large, it is advisable to remove them surgically. The doctor regularly carries out this process under general anesthetic. In most instances, the patient can go home the same day after surgery. Nevertheless, the individual can be instructed to spend at least one night at the hospital if they underwent surgery on two legs.

Radiofrequency ablation

Using the ultrasound scan, the specialist will carry out a small incision above or below the knee. The specialist will then thread a catheter or narrow tube in the vein. After the process, the doctor will insert the probe into the catheter emitting radiofrequency energy. This energy will heat this vein, collapsing the wall and sealing them. Radiofrequency ablation is usually carried out under local anesthetic.

Transilluminated Powered Phlebectomy

 The doctor will thread the endoscopic transilluminator using the incision under the skin. The main reason for using this process is so that they can trace the veins that they are supposed to remove. The specialist will remove these veins through the incision using the suction device. The specialist has a chance to choose between local and general aesthetics. The patient will likely suffer bruising and bleeding when undergoing this procedure.

Endogenous Laser Treatment

The specialist usually inserts the catheter into the targeted vein. After this process, the specialist will thread a small laser to the catheter and set it at the top of the target. This laser will offer short energy, bursting and sealing up the vein. This process is usually carried out under local aesthetics. In some instances, the person can suffer from minor injuries.

Ligation and Stripping

The specialist will carry out two incisions at the groin and the top of the target vein below the leg, either the ankle or knee. A thin, flexible wire is then threaded at the bottom of the vein and pulled out to remove the vein. The patient can leave the hospital on the same day. The person can suffer from bleeding, pain, and bruising. Even though the individuals will not be required to stay at the hospital, they will require some days before returning to normal activities. To speed up the recovery, the person can require compression stockings.

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