Tips to Help Reduce Sports Injuries

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Sports Injuries

Injuries can be inevitable for an active sportsperson, especially if you do repetitive straining motions and competitions. Suppose you fall victim to injuries, Dr. Kristopher Downing La Jolla, an expert sports medicine specialist will help you recover from injuries sustained during the physical and sporting activities. The specialist can also offer tips that will help you prevent future sports injuries. You will get customized and individualized treatment plans to speed up recovery and allow you to get back to your favorite sport.

What is Sports Medicine?

Sports Medicine involves medications that restore the working condition after sustaining an injury. One can sustain an injury during regular exercise, sporting activity, and when participating in physical activity.

What Injuries Can You Sustain Requiring Sports Medicine?

Common injuries you can sustain during a sporting activity include dislocations, strains, sprains, fractures, swelling of muscles, and knee pains. The injuries can fall into different categories, acute and chronic injuries and sports rehabilitation. Acute injuries may happen during any physical activity like sports. Chronic injuries, on the other hand, happen over repetitive motion and also from overdoing an action. These injuries develop gradually and come with aches once you complete an activity.

When can you consider a Sports Medicine Specialist?

Consulting a specialist after sustaining any sports injury may be vital for your health. You may develop signs that include pain and swell in the injured area, weakness, numbness, and impossibility of putting weight on the affected area. The first action you should take after any injury should be to stop playing to avoid causing further harm to the area of injury.

What are the Tips for Preventing Sports Injuries?

You can prevent sports injuries by following the guidelines below.

Prepare before your Exercise

Before beginning your exercise, you should plan for it and plan adequately. Learn about the techniques you will require for your sporting activity, and include a personal trainer if possible. Additionally, you can discuss this with your healthcare provider before beginning a new sporting program, ensuring your safety.

Have Realistic and Achievable Goals

Setting goals for your sporting activity can be an easy way to prevent sports injuries. You can then work hard towards achieving them as you improve over time. Do not strain to do more laps or lift more weights, do an achievable amount of sporting activity.

Warm Up

A warm-up before any physical activity reduces strains on the muscles. Light jogs and walking before major sports cool down the muscles. Stretching after a workout can also increase flexibility, especially if your body is warm.

Always Listen to Body Signs

Ignoring your body when it shows signs of strain can lead to injuries. Reduce your activities if the body aches or pain indicates illness. Allow your body enough rest so it can recover after training.

Do not let an injury stop you from continuing with your daily life. Visit or call Upper Extremity Specialists of Ortho 1 Medical Group for assistance for sports injuries. They are happy to see you continue with your sports and exercise activities. Get your treatment plan today as you work towards your healing and recovery completely.

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