How to Make The Perfect Italian Steak

by Gregory
Italian Food

Bring Florence to Your Very Own Kitchen. Grilling the Perfect Italian Steak is an easy and great way to enhance your Labor Day Holiday. Chef Abraham Aguirre, from Grotto Italian Steakhouse in Oak Brook has tips on how to prepare this succulent dish.

Chef Abraham suggests preparing a Porterhouse Steak which lets you enjoy the filet and the strip at the same time, however an individual ribeye, filet, or sirloin would be just as delicious. Also, the freshest ingredients you use the better the flavor.

Combine The Following Spices:

• Salt and Pepper (Sea Salt) is recommended for a lighter and sweater salt.
• Chives
• Basil
• Thyme
• Italian Leaf Parsley
• Fresh Garlic

To add more of a spicy flair add a few flakes of crushed red pepper to your marinade

• Mix the spices with Extra Virgin Olive Oil to form a pesto like substance.
• Spread the sauce over the steak and let it marinade for a few hours.
• Make sure that the grill is anywhere from 600-800°F and keep it at that temperature for 30-45 minutes before starting to grill. High direct heat when grilling steaks is almost as important as the meat itself.
• Grill over medium heat for five to eight minutes, and top it off over two to three minutes over high heat.

When grilling steaks, one should always use tongs or a spatula to turn a steak over

Serve with a side of vegetables such as grilled asparagus, or a baked potato, and of course a glass of red wine will make you feel as though you are in Florence indulging in the Perfect Italian Steak.

About Grotto Oakbrook:

The Crededio Family has been in the restaurant business since 1978 and throughout this time they have established three restaurants, Cicero, Grotto on State, and now Grotto Oakbrook. Grotto Oak Brook opened in March 2008. The restaurant boasts 3 private banquet halls, a large dining room, an intimate private dining room equipped with plasma televisions and power point capabilities for corporate meetings, a separate luxurious bar, and a heated patio that seats well over 180 guests with a dynamic view of the lake. Grotto is infamous for their signature Chicken Vesuvio and their succulent wet aged prime steaks.

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