The Tongue of Fury Furious Trip Up North – Lok Lok, Pulau Tikus

by Gregory

Bonjour! The tongue of Fury here returning with my food notes from Penang. My journey now takes me to Pulau Tikus, where the best Lok Lok in Penang, if not Malaysia, is located. 

A Delicious Lok Lok

I was never a big fan of Lok Lok, in my mind it is a notorious diarrhea causer. I have been visiting a Lok Lok place at the Uptown Area, at Kedai Kopi DU, where the stall is owned by a very grumpy uncle who will scold you if you eat very little and take up his table. He’ll ask you to move to another table and he’ll bring you the food. What the crap is the joy in that? Having Lok Lok without actually doing the Lok Lok yourself? I’ve since stop visiting uncle, I wish him the best of luck for his business. So naturally, I was skeptical about visiting this place.

There are quite a few tables dedicated for Lok Lok, if you are new to the “sitting style” Lok Lok (as opposed to Fei Lou Lok Lok’s standing style), it is not uncommon for people to share tables here, as tables are limited during peak times. The owner will usually show you to your table.

There is a very good variety of food here. Cockles, fishballs, beef balls, crabstick, won ton, squid, quail’s egg, vegetables, prawns and my personal favorite, Taiwan Sausage.

I was told the key to a delicious Lok Lok is the freshness of the food, and also the sauces, in particular, the peanut sauce, similar to Satay Sauce. The boiling water here is also kept always boiling at a high temperature, so the food cooks quite swiftly. The sauce is amazing, and it combines very well with the food. It is an instant thumbs up for me! 

This place has since become a must-visit whenever I’m in Penang, not only is the food good, the price is also very reasonable. I do not know exactly how much each stick costs, but I never pay more than RM12 for 2 persons. Very cheap compared to Fei Lou Lok Lok.

Special Mention:

While here, remember to check out this awesome drink called “Geng Geng”

Aside from getting to say the catchy words “Geng Geng”, this is also a very good drink which is a combination of Loh Hon Kor and some jelly strip-like stuff in the drink, it is very satisfying.

  • Final Verdict (Poor/Fair/Good/Very Good/Excellent/Outstanding):
  • Taste: Excellent
  • Ambiance: Very Good (the open concept of the place makes it not warm even when facing a hot pot of boiling water)
  • Price: Cheap
  • Rating: 8.5/10

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