The Common Mental Illness You Should Know

by Gregory
Common Mental Illness

Have you ever experienced any mental illness? If yes, the experience may be one of the last things you would expect to happen. Normally, mental illness makes it difficult for you to concentrate on your studies, work, and relationships. If you are a candidate suffering from any form of mental illness, worry no more because Dr. Marcelo Brito has helped numerous individuals with mental illness; thus, he can be your solution. Now, let’s examine some common mental illnesses you should know.


This disorder is mainly detected during the early ages, whereby the signs and symptoms may vary from one person to another. Common signs include difficulties with social occasions, nonverbal communication, and speech. Fortunately, your healthcare provider can utilize psychotherapy treatment techniques to minimize some of the techniques. You should contact your practitioner if you experience any changes in your thinking, behavior, and feeling because a lack of treatment can lead to more complex problems.

Mood Disorders

Even though it is normal to experience mood swings sometimes, individuals with mood disorders report more persistent and severe symptoms that can disrupt their daily lives. You may experience ongoing sadness, anxiety, low esteem, reduced energy, and extreme guilt based on your specific disorder. Luckily, therapy, self-care, and antidepressants can be beneficial in addressing mood disorders.

Psychotic Disorders

They are severe mental complications that contribute to distorted thinking. People experiencing psychosis mainly report hallucinations or delusions that make them in touch with reality. People begin to disbelieve those around them whenever they lose touch with reality. Moreover, they start making decisions that can jeopardize themselves or others. Therefore, if you experience schizophrenia, delusional, or brief psychotic disorder, it is integral to consult your practitioner for examinations and treatment. 

Anxiety Disorders

In most instances, anxiety disorder makes you experience disturbing and frequent nervousness and fear. Even though you may experience these feelings during occasions like job interviews, high chances are you will experience them during non-stressful occasions. Anxiety sessions can be present for about six months or more at a given time. Some common anxiety disorders you can experience requiring instant medical treatment include generalized anxiety disorder, panic disorder, and obsessive-compulsive disorder.


Dementia covers a series of explicit mental conditions. People with dementia-linked disorder are more prone to a decline in cognitive capabilities, impacting their daily undertakings. Most cases of dementia are Alzheimer’s disease. The disease damages your memory and thinking skills and finally makes you unable to perform even simple tasks. Other common forms of dementia include Parkinson’s disease and frontotemporal dementia.

Eating disorders

Eating disorders comprise more than your relationship with food. These disorders are complex that require treatment from psychological and medical specialists. Moreover, the condition contributes to unhealthy eating behavior, like extreme obsession with food. In severe instances, they may contribute to dangerous health complications that may be life-threatening if untreated. You should immediately report conditions such as anorexia nervosa, binge eating disorder, and bulimia nervosa to your doctor. 

Mental illness can be devastating because they negatively impact your thinking, behaviors, and social interaction. If you are a candidate looking for a clinic offering mental illness treatment, look no further because Lakepointe Direct Primary Care in Lewisville, Texas, is here to help. The center’s specialists offer comprehensive services you will never regret. Visit them today or book online to begin your treatment plan.

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