5 Simple Dental Bonding Aftercare Tips

by Gregory

The small gaps and chips limiting your smile can be effectively and safely collected through dental bonding. The most convenient and least complicated treatment can restore your teeth. The Santa Monica dental bonding specialists apply the bonding material after roughening your teeth’ surface and use UV light to harden the material effectively. The results are noticeable, and no strict guidelines are required to maintain your smile. Only simple actions you can also take to protect your natural teeth. Remember that the bonding material used is not as perfect as your natural teeth and is prone to damage and wear out due to certain factors. Here is what you can do to preserve your smile.

Improve Your Oral Health Care

Getting dental bonding does not exclude your regular oral healthcare routine. It will help if you continue with your normal practices only better. Brushing your teeth at least twice daily or after every meal remains important after bonding. Flossing daily remains critical and can help preserve the bonding. Therefore, the daily routine is critical after dental bonding to preserve healthy, strong teeth. It helps you avoid complications that otherwise damage the bonding or cause more complicated oral health issues like gum disease and tooth decay.

Avoid Staining

Foods and drinks that stain should be a no after dental bonding. You do not want to destroy your perfect smile right after attaining it. Wine, coffee, tea, and cola should be taken cautiously as they can discolor your new smile. Also, berries and tomato sauces can have similar effects and should be avoided. Your new smile is susceptible to staining, especially in the initial days after your dental bonding. The bonding becomes less susceptible to staining as time passes, and you can take your favorite foods and drinks carefully using straws.

Say No to Hard Foods

Some hard foods are not good even for your natural teeth. Now that the resin material used in bonding is not as strong as your natural teeth, you must avoid most hard foods to avoid destroying your smile soon after getting it. As you bite the chicken bones, ice, popcorn, or other hard substances that can break the bonding, take care. Also, note that some foods might not be hard but sugary, which eats away the bonding over time.

Protect Your Smile

Your new smile is prone to damage if you are involved in certain activities like sports. Fortunately, there are ways you can participate in your favorite activities and preserve your smile. You can use a mouthguard when getting to the field, especially when engaging in contact activities like football. You can get mouthguards over-the-counter, but you must consult your doctor about the move. Your doctor can provide custom-made devices that fit your needs.

Go Back to Your Dentist

Regular visits to the dentist are crucial after any dental treatment. You can schedule regular follow-ups after dental bonding, where your doctor can evaluate your situation and advise you accordingly every time. You can extend the life of your bonding through professional dental cleaning and examination. Your doctor can detect a weakening or a damaged bonding and make necessary repairs to preserve your smile and avoid further complications.

Dental Bonding is the way to eliminate those gaps and ships in your smile. Talk to the specialists at Bay Dental to learn if you can gain from the treatment. Make a call today or use the online tool to schedule your appointment.

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