When can Emergency Dentistry Benefit You?

by Gregory

Emergency dentistry can benefit you when you have a dental issue that cannot survive a waiting line. If you lose or knock out your tooth, emergency dentistry Richmond can help you restore tooth function. The key is to get to your dentist’s office in record time.

What common dental problems can emergency dentistry address?

The following dental problems require immediate dental attention. If you experience any sudden trauma to your mouth, it is vital to use a cold compress for the pain before you get to your emergency dentist.

Loose or knocked-out teeth 

You can experience loose teeth or knocked-out teeth from impact. If you experience any of the above, trying to keep your tooth moist before reaching your dentist’s office is essential.

For a loose tooth, try to bite it down gently, so it does not move from its appropriate location. You can use surgical gauze and bite it between your upper and lower teeth to keep the loose tooth in place.

You can follow the above steps for a knocked-out tooth, but ensure to clean it first before returning it to your mouth. If you cannot hold it in your mouth, keep it in a glass of milk or water and carry it to your dentist’s office.


Sudden onset of tooth pain should require a visit to your emergency dentist. Toothache can occur if food gets stuck between your teeth or if you have a pulp infection. Visit your emergency dentist if the pain is intense and getting worse.

Bleeding in your mouth

If you suffer from a traumatic injury or you start to bleed from your gums or tongue, your emergency dentist might be able to help. If you have a tear on the inside of your cheek, make a pint of keeping the area clean by rinsing with warm water before you see your dentist. Please note that if it is an issue with your tooth, an emergency dentist will deal with it; however, you might go to the emergency room for any other reason.

Chipped or cracked teeth

If you are engaging in your activities and from surrounding impact, you chip or crack your tooth and make your way to the dentist. If it is a sizable break on your tooth, your dentist can offer treatment to restore its functionality and appearance.

Missing or loose dental restoration

Depending on the circumstances, you might lose your dental restoration. If it becomes loose or unhinged from its socket in your mouth, it might get lost if you speak. Whatever the case, you should notify and visit your emergency dentist immediately.

Benefits of emergency dentistry

The beauty of emergency dentistry is that you don’t wait in line but go straight into your dentist’s office. The wait can be detrimental to your oral health. The following are benefits that you can experience with emergency dental services.

  • Reduced risk of dental infections
  • Preserve oral health
  • Restored oral function
  • Elimination of pain

If you experience any sudden toothache or dental problem, visit Dr. Juan M. Carrillo, DMD, for treatment. You will receive a same-day appointment that can help you restore your tooth’s functionality. Call or book an appointment online today. 

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