What to Expect from Your Pregnancy Ultrasound Appointment

by Gregory

A pregnancy ultrasound is the best gift you can give your baby and yourself. You can benefit from a pregnancy ultrasound because the test checks on you and your baby’s health. Usually, specialists are most interested in the first trimester of pregnancy Lake Mary to ensure the pregnancy grows accordingly.

How to prepare for the procedure

A full bladder is vital to a pregnancy ultrasound. Your doctor will require you to be well-hydrated. You can empty your bladder one and a half hours before the examination and consume a fluid like water or milk of equal volume to 8 ounces.

Wear comfortable clothing that will give your doctor access to your belly without you removing your clothes. A comfortable two-piece outfit would be appropriate.

What happens during the procedure?

The ultrasound attendant will apply a water-based gel on your belly during the procedure. They will spread it evenly on the area of interest. Since the gel is water-based, you don’t have to worry about staining your body or clothes. Next, they will use a probing device and run it gently on your abdomen.

The gel will help transmit the sound waves to pictures on the computer screen. You can see your unborn baby from the screen and hear its heartbeat. After the test, you ask for printed images of the ultrasound.

How often should you go for a pregnancy ultrasound?

Your healthcare provider will discuss how often you should have ultrasounds. However, your doctor might recommend weekly ultrasounds if you are a high-risk pregnant woman or conceived through assisted fertility methods. If you are not high-risk, you might get ultrasounds by the trimester or depend on your doctor’s advice.

Benefits of a pregnancy ultrasound

There are several benefits of pregnancy ultrasounds, including the obvious one of monitoring the health of both the mother and unborn baby. Pregnancy ultrasounds can give you peace of mind because you will know how your baby is doing as your doctor checks your health.

A pregnancy ultrasound is beneficial for high-risk pregnancies because it can monitor the mother’s progress and the factors that contribute to that situation. Factors that contribute to high-risk pregnancies include age and weight before getting pregnant.

Your doctor uses a pregnancy ultrasound to determine the correct location of the pregnancy. While the fetus should be in the womb, some women may experience an ectopic pregnancy whereby the implantation occurs in the fallopian tubes.

Early ultrasounds can also detect abnormal fetal development and let the involved parties know. Such information prepares the parents psychologically. Furthermore, specialists can offer treatments after birth.  

A pregnancy ultrasound is a safe and painless procedure that yields instant results. Once you go in for your ultrasound, you expect to come out with your results. You don’t have to wait for results hence no anxious episodes promoting peace of mind.

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