Pakistani Tea in a Turkish Way

by Michael
Turkish Way

Turkish Tea and Istanbul:

One interesting thing that is common in both the Turkish and Pakistani societies apart from their love for each other is tea culture. People in both the countries are highly fond of black tea and it’s a part of their daily lives. Their day starts with a cup of tea and…no, it doesn’t necessarily end with tea but with a dessert, but they take tea a couple of times throughout the day or even more.

But it is really interesting to see how people from both the countries make black tea in totally a different manner and serve it differently as well, and both have an influence of their history on their tea culture. But nevertheless, they enjoy it in the same manner and almost on the same occasions.

In Turkey, black tea leaves are added to the boiling water and simmered on a very low heat for about a few seconds to make qehwa and then is diluted to the taste of the drinker. They also add sugar cubes to it to make it sweet. However, in Pakistan, milk is added to the same qehwa (without diluting it further) and granules of sugar are used to make it sweet and enhance the taste according to the need of the drinker.

A cup of Pakistani Tea:

In Pakistan, people start their day with the cup of tea. Many people are so habitual of having tea that they can’t even think straight unless they take a cup full first thing in the morning! Then it is a must with the breakfast, at work, in the evening and especially, it is served to the guests with some yummy snacks. Same is the culture in Turkey too. Interesting, isn’t it?!

Turkish Snacks/ Pakistani Snacks:

I loved the way the Turkish tea is prepared. And it occurred to me that I can very well use the same method to make Pakistani tea (with added milk). And that is how my current obsession happened! See this beautiful Turkish teapot below…

Turkish Tea Pot:

This is how they do it:

There is a larger kettle and a separate small one on top of it. Water is added to both of them and when it comes to boil, black tea leaves are added to the smaller one on the top to make the qehwa. Let it simmer for a few seconds on a very low heat. Then pour half of it in the special Turkish tea glasses and fill the half with the plain boiled water in the larger kettle to dilute it. Add a sugar cube to meet your taste and voila! Your Turkish tea is served.

This is how I’ll do it:

Add water to the larger kettle and milk to the smaller one. When the water comes to boil, add black tea leaves and let it simmer for a few seconds. Meanwhile, the milk will also become hot. Now add this qehwa in a cup and add milk according to your taste. There you go!

Normally, we prepare qehwa in a separate sauce pan and heat the milk in another one. But this way of making tea is great! I love it. So, this Turkish teapot is now on top of my wish list. I can’t wait to make Pakistani tea in a Turkish way and have a wonderful tea party with my friends! Really!

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