Common Issues That May Affect the Health of Young Adults

by Gregory
Young Adults

Generally, pediatrics is a medicine branch that focuses on monitoring and treating health issues affecting kids, from pregnancy to young adulthood. During that time, problems that a pediatrician may have to handle are heart conditions, breathing problems, musculoskeletal disorders, infections of the urinary system, ear pain, sore throat, and skin infections. Although some pediatric clinics may not allow adult patients, your best adults and pediatrics Humble provider provides care for patients of all ages. Therefore, identifying potential issues and treating them becomes much more possible throughout your growth and development stages.

Subsequently, below are some common issues that may affect you, necessitating you to go for treatment from a pediatrician for patients of all ages.


According to the World Health Organization (WHO), accidental injuries are one of the leading causes of death in young adults. Adolescents suffer most unexpected bodily harm on the road while walking or cycling.

Thus, there is a need for more young drivers to be appropriately educated on safe road usage. Also, there should be more stringent measures to curb driving while intoxicated.

Fractures may also come from work environments and sporting activities like basketball and football.


Domestic violence or intimate partner violence contributes a  huge chunk of the number of deaths young adults experience.

Violence can be in form of stalking, physical assault, bullying, or sexual assault.

When you experience violence during adolescence, you become more prone to injury, STIs like HIV/AIDS, mental illness, adolescent pregnancy, and reproductive health challenges.

As a parent, if your child experiences bullying or other forms of violence, address the issue as soon as possible. You can also limit your child’s exposure to forms of violence, especially on digital and online platforms.

Mental illness

Depression is one of the number one causes of mental health issues in young adults. If depression is severe and there are no attempts to treat it, it may lead to serious injury or death.

You may develop depression due to various issues, including drug abuse, exposure to brutal violence, and financial struggles.

If you do not seek treatment for your mental illness, the condition will persist until adulthood. With a mental illness, it becomes impossible to live a fulfilling life.

As a parent, strive to provide a sound support system for your child and a suitable environment for living and learning to foster stable and healthy mental well-being.

Alcoholism and drug use

The problem of alcoholism faces this country and many countries.

Using illicit drugs and excessive drinking of alcohol impairs your natural mechanism of self-control, putting you at risk of harmful behaviors such as unprotected sex and careless driving.

During the later years of your life, you may experience different health problems due to the use of drugs and alcohol.

Limit your intake of alcohol and do not use psychoactive drugs that can harm different aspects of your life, including cognitive skills.

Also, avoid smoking or using tobacco products since you may have health issues like cancer, eye diseases, a weaker immune system, and stroke.

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